Bender Wallace “Wally” Mackey and Sycamore Group, Inc. – Barnes Walker Business Trial Group May Recover Losses for Investors

Mr. Perron has recently filed a lawsuit against Bender Wallace Mackey a/k/a Wally Mackey and his Tampa-based company, Sycamore Group, Inc. alleging that the Defendants sold to his client promissory notes from Bacon Raton-based business, The Woodbridge Group of Companies, LLC (“Woodbridge Group”) allegedly operated by Robert H. Shapiro. The promissory notes were not properly registered and Mr. Perron’s clients further allege that Defendants were not registered to sell these investments which resulted in significant losses to his clients. Mr. Perron’s lawsuit also alleges that Defendants negligently provided information to his clients and Defendants breached their fiduciary duty to his clients. Woodbridge Group and its related entities, including its president, Robert H. Shapiro are under investigation and a lawsuit has been initiated by the SEC. It is likely investors in Woodbridge Group have suffered significant, if not a complete loss of their investments because Woodbridge Group has filed for bankruptcy protection. If you are a victim of Woodbridge Group Promissory Notes or if you believe these were wrongfully sold to you by Mr. Mackey and the Sycamore Group, Inc., please feel free to contact Mr. Perron at (941) 827-2228.

To read more about Woodbridge Group and Robert H. Shapiro, view the SEC complaint for Injunctive and other relief [PDF]