Insurance Coverage Disputes

Have you been wrongfully denied insurance coverage for a legitimate personal injury, personal property, or business claim? Such denials can affect you or your business financially. The following are just some of the ways insurance denial can affect you:
  • Business interruption - denial of coverage for damage to a business can result in your business being interrupted which means loss of income to you, your business, and your employees
  • Claims mismanagement or delay
  • Negligent supervision of the claim
  • Wrongful denial
  • Undervalued loss – this can result in more money out of your pocket to make up the shortfall
According to Florida law, you do have certain rights and remedies against the insurance companies, including the possibility of suing an insurance carrier for bad faith which may result in recovering your policy limits. Florida law also allows you to recover your attorney fees and costs. However, insurance companies have attorneys and experts on staff who will start building their case quickly. You need an attorney that is experienced and familiar with the procedural and substantive requirements of the law to prepare your case. That's why it's important for you to call the Barnes Walker Business Trial Group today at 941-827-2228 or contact them through