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Were You or Your Elderly Relative Taken Advantage Of? Act Now.

It is an unfortunate truth that the elderly are often the target of financial scams or undue influence by those who care for them. Exploitation can come in many forms, whether by convincing an elderly person to make poor investment decisions with his or her retirement savings or by manipulating him or her into changing a will or trust into a particular person's favor.

If you suspect that your elderly parent, relative or friend is being taken advantage of, you want a strong advocate with the expertise to help you protect them. Attorney Andre Perron has more than 30 years of experience representing retirees, beneficiaries and other individuals in Southwest Florida. He will listen to your concerns and take proactive steps to protect your loved one's rights and assets from any further elder abuse and exploitation.

Fraudsters tend to "go where the money is," which often means targeting older Americans who are nearing or already in retirement. Additionally, older investors are less likely to research investments or check the background of investment professionals or brokers, a fact many con-artists are well aware of.

It is important for family members and friends to be aware of common tactics scammers use to take advantage of the elderly, as well as to watch for tell-tale warning signs of exploitation so they can protect their loved ones.

Common Forms of Elder Exploitation

Many elderly persons suffer from dementia or become easily confused by complex details. They may be lonely or dependent upon another person for their care. Perhaps their case involves a combination of these factors. Whatever the issues, these factors can easily leave your loved one vulnerable to manipulation by trusted caregivers or scam artists. Some of the most common forms of elder exploitation include:
  • Maintaining undue influence over an elderly person so that he or she changes a will or trust so that it benefits mostly one person, usually a close relative or caregiver
  • Convincing an elderly person to give control of trusts, assets or financial decision-making to a particular party who may or may not have the elder's best interests at heart
  • Making investments on an elder's behalf that may not be suitable to their situation or unnecessarily risky
  • Preying on the elderly's misunderstanding of risky investments or legal documents such that they sign away assets or rights to make decisions or control assets
  • Selling fraudulent investments to the elderly using deceptive securities practices
Attorney Andre Perron can help you understand your options to put a stop to any of the above abuses. Where necessary, he will engage financial or forensic experts with proven track records to build a strong case, providing personalized representation at every step in the legal process.

If your loved one has already passed on, he is an experienced advocate in all aspects of probate and trust litigation, protecting your right to inherit assets lost through deceptive means.

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