Broker Misconduct Lawyer

The world of securities is very complex and not well understood by most investors and retirees. That is why we rely on our stockbroker to manage our investment portfolios. However, there are brokers out there who mismanage people’s money because they failed to take the time to thoroughly investigate a possible investment, their inexperience led to poor investments, or they may have offered inaccurate advice. If you have experienced such misconduct, you do have the right to sue.

You can recover your losses! But you will need an attorney who is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to helping you in this process. For over 30 years, attorney Andre Perron has been helping people recover from stockbroker misconduct, neglect, securities fraud, and misrepresentation.

It can be devastating to lose those investments that you or your loved one counted on to realize retirement dreams or as support for you and/or your loved ones. Let Andre Perron use his many years of experience in the securities industry to provide you with honest advice about your recovery options; call today at 941-827-2228.

Experienced Attorney for Broker Fraud and Misrepresentation

Not sure what sort of investments are more susceptible to fraud or misrepresentation? Andre Perron has successfully helped clients who lost money due to the misrepresentation or mismanagement of investments such as:
  • Investments based on mortgage-backed securities
  • High-risk securities such as derivatives or futures trading
  • Junk bonds
  • Long-term annuities if you are an older investor or retiree
  • A-share mutual funds, broker-sold annuities, or variable life insurance, which pay upfront commissions to your broker who may then stop managing your assets appropriately
As an experienced lawyer handling broker misconduct and fraud issues, Andre Perron can help you take legal action to recover your financial losses due to negligent brokers and/or brokerage firms. If required, Mr. Perron will work with a team of financial securities experts, all of whom have a proven track record, to protect your rights whether in arbitration, mediation, or court.

View common investment scams and commonly used tactics scammers use for tips to protect your investment future.

Mr. Perron with the Barnes Walker Business Trial Group practices securities litigation throughout the United States.