Unsuitable Investments

Securities dealers and financial representatives are subject to specific suitability rules regarding recommending products to an investor. These rules require that a broker consider the financial needs, investment objectives, assets, and risk tolerance of the investor. Often times products are recommended to an investor that are not suitable which could lead to substantial losses for the investor.

Private placements under Regulation D can have unappreciated risk for an investor. Private placements are not subject to many of the regulation approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission as other investments because they do not constitute a public offering. Examples of private placements include warrants, promissory notes, and preferred shares. Similarly specialized investments such as real estate investment trusts, and annuities, often create risks that are not fully disclosed to the investor. Examples of products being investigated by Barnes, Walker, Goethe, Hoonhout & Perron, Chartered in connection with their marketing and sale to investors include:

•  Lehman Brothers Principal Protected Notes
•  Regions Morgan Keegan "RMK" Funds
•  Behringer Harvard REITs
•  Apple REITs
•  Dividend Capital Realty
•  Fannie Mae Preferred Stock
•  Tenants in Common Real Estate
•  KBS Real Estate Investment Trust
•  Provident Royalties
•  Cornerstone Core Properties REITs
•  Inland Western Retail Real Estate Trust

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