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Sarasota Lawyer for Real Estate Disputes

Your commercial or residential property or properties represent a significant financial investment, even in the current depressed property market. If you are involved in real estate litigation, an experienced real estate attorney can help you not only protect your rights but also your investment.

Attorney Andre Perron represents individuals and businesses involved in real estate disputes in Sarasota, Bradenton and throughout Southwest Florida. Having been certified as an expert in business litigation by the Florida Bar, and with more than 30 years of experience, he brings a high level of judgment and practical skill to help you protect your real property investments.

No matter the nature of your property concerns, Mr. Perron will evaluate your situation and provide knowledgeable advice upfront on your legal options. He handles a wide variety of residential and commercial property disputes, including:

•  Guarantee defense claims/deficiencies
•  Title disputes such as defective title claims or title insurance issues
•  Ownership claims
•  Zoning issues
•  Real estate financing
•  Foreclosures and other collection actions
•  Commercial evictions
•  Real property disputes arising from property transfers or inheritance disputes
•  Other real estate disputes

Sarasota and Bradenton Attorney Handling Commercial Evictions

Commercial landlords in Florida are bound by very detailed laws regarding commercial eviction actions. For example, a landlord must allow a tenant sufficient time to correct issues after giving notice of an offending practice before filing an eviction action.

Attorney Andre Perron helps commercial landlords take the appropriate steps to file an eviction action against problem commercial tenants. He handles commercial evictions arising out of nonpayment, breach of lease terms, nonconforming use violations, failure to maintain property, abandonment and other issues.

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