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Experienced Sarasota Litigation Attorney

As a certified business litigation specialist, attorney Andre Perron has the experience, judgment and skill to assist clients with a wide variety of financial and investment issues. He also has a masters of law degree (LL.M.) in banking studies, a unique asset amongst trial lawyers. If you or someone you know has been the victim of fraud or exploitation, or you are involved in a complex business or real estate matter, put his experience to work. Mr. Perron provides experienced legal advice and representation in any of the following areas.

Investment Loss and Securities Litigation

The economic downturn has not been kind to many investors. That doesn't mean your investment losses were simply due to the financial fall-out. If you suspect you or someone you know has been the victim of securities fraud or misrepresentation, Mr. Perron can help you understand and pursue legal options to hold guilty parties responsible. He represents individuals throughout Southwest Florida who have lost money due to:

•  Broker misconduct or misrepresentation
•  Mismanagement of investment portfolios
•  Ponzi schemes
•  Clawbacks
•  Churning
•  Other deceptive practices and securities fraud

Sarasota/Bradenton Attorney for Probate and Trust Litigation

Unfortunately, many of the elderly in Florida fall victim to financial abuse and exploitation regarding how to organize or leave their assets. This can lead to complex probate or trust litigation between beneficiaries. Mr. Perron provides experienced counsel and representation in a variety of will or trust disputes, including:

•  Claims of elder abuse or exploitation
•  Claims of undue influence by an outside party such as a much younger spouse or significant other,
    friend, child, relative, financial adviser, housekeeper or primary care giver
•  Breach of fiduciary duty by the executor of a will or a trustee
•  Executor or trustee defense against false allegations

In a study comparing known victims of investment fraud aged 55 to 64, 70 percent of victims made investment decisions based on the advice of a relative, friend, neighbor or co-worker. Protect your loved ones by helping them obtain qualified assistance and advice first.

Protecting Your Business Interests and Real Estate Investments

Attorney Andre Perron understands the significant impact legal outcomes can have on your business or employment opportunities. He represents individuals and companies in a wide variety of business-related disputes such as non-compete litigation and other employment disputes, whistleblower claims and collections, among other claims. He also protects companies or individuals who have fallen victim to deceptive business practices.

Mr. Perron will also help you protect your commercial or residential real estate investments, whether in matters of commercial eviction, title insurance claims, title defects, property ownership disputes, real estate financing, creditor actions, foreclosure, guarantee defense and real estate disputes arising from probate or trust litigation.

Contact an Experienced Florida Trial Lawyer

Protect your rights. Contact attorney Andre Perron today by calling 941-827-2228 to discuss your issue with an experienced trial lawyer. Many of these claims can be handled on a no-win, no-fee basis. All consultations and documents related to your case will always be kept strictly confidential.