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In simple terms, a Ponzi scheme is an illegal business practice in which new investors' money is used to make payments to earlier investors. The investment scam rakes in as much money as possible and then disappears. The Ponzi schemer typically builds his con around what appears to be a legitimate business enterprise, but little or no commercial activity takes place. Sarasota and Bradenton both have seen multiple Ponzi schemes originated by local con men; two of note are Arthur Nadel and Beau Diamond.

A Ponzi scheme masquerades as some type of investment in financial instruments, foreign exchanges, mortgage-backed securities, oil well investments, gold mines, etc. The victim believes he or she is buying into a legitimate investment when in fact he or she has invested into a bottomless pit.

Ponzi schemers often find their victims through affinity scams, affiliating themselves to into a social network, a church, exercise group, social club, etc. Victims of fraud often suffer their losses in silence; shame, guilt, embarrassment and disbelief are among the reasons that only an estimated 15 percent of the nation's fraud victims take action to recover their losses.

If you suspect that your investment advisor mishandled your investments and your money as a result, don't stand by. Attorney Andre Perron can help you determine if you have a good claim, and if you do, he will advocate aggressively on your behalf to recover your money.

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When you make the decision to stop being a victim, you need an experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable advocate. Attorney Andre Perron understands the defense strategies used by brokerage firms and their attorneys, as well as the investment scam tactics commonly used by scammers. He works on behalf of investors in Sarasota, Bradenton and throughout Southwest Florida who have been victims of stockbroker misconduct, neglect and securities fraud and misrepresentation. As an experienced trial lawyer and certified specialist in business litigation, Mr. Perron has the experience, judgment and skill to help you hold careless brokers accountable.

As an experienced Bradenton/Sarasota lawyer handling investment adviser misconduct and Ponzi schemes, Andre Perron will help you take legal action to recover your financial losses. Working with a team of financial experts, all of whom have a proven track record, he will protect your rights and interests throughout negotiation, arbitration or in court, if necessary.

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