Insurance Coverage Disputes Attorney in Sarasota, Bradenton and Southwest Florida

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Are you the victim of insurance company abuse? Both homeowners and businesses may be the victim of a wrongful denial of coverage by their insurer. This may result from the denial of a claim for bodily injury, property damage including hurricane or flood loss or economic injury. These losses could also result from other forms of coverage for business interruption, defective construction, or negligent supervision and management of employees. The denial of coverage by your insurance company will have a direct and long lasting financial impact to you or your business. Often the denial results from an aggressive interpretation of the policy provisions by the insurance company claims department, or a misrepresentation by your agent of the scope of coverage. Alternatively the insurance company may substantially undervalue your loss, which results in you having to cover out of pocket the shortfall.

In such an event you are not without recourse. Florida law provides you with certain rights and remedies against insurance carriers. This includes the possibility of suing an insurance carrier for bad faith which may result in a recovery above your policy limits. Florida law also enables you to recover your attorney fees and court costs if you prevail on the claim. However, to properly prepare your claim against the carrier there are both procedural and substantive requirements under the law that will require you to engage an experienced attorney. At the outset the insurance company will be documenting its file and protecting its position; your delay in hiring an attorney will only work to the insurance companies' advantage. The insurance company has attorneys and experts on staff that are experienced in minimizing the insurance companies pay out to you.

If you feel you are the victim of a wrongful denial of coverage or an undervaluation of your claim, take action to protect your rights, contact Andre Perron at the Law Offices of Barnes, Walker, Goethe, Hoonhout & Perron, Chartered in Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida. Mr. Perron is certified by the Florida Bar as an expert in business litigation. You do not have to be a defenseless victim-however, only being informed and taking action can you protect your legal rights and financial well being. Call 941-827-2228 to discuss your rights and options. Mr. Perron represents clients in Sarasota, Bradenton and throughout Southwest Florida. All consultations and documents related to your case will always be kept strictly confidential. Often these cases will be handled on a contingency basis in which Mr. Perron's fee is paid from the recovery.