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Most investors and retirees do not understand the complexities of the securities industry. That is why you hire a stockbroker to manage your stock options and investment portfolios. However, when your portfolio is mismanaged or you fall prey to bad investments on the poor advice of your stockbroker, you have the right to sue for your loss.

When you make the decision to stop being a victim, you need an experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable advocate. Attorney Andre Perron represents clients in Sarasota, Bradenton and throughout Southwest Florida who have been victims of stockbroker misconduct, neglect and securities fraud and misrepresentation. While losses may have been unintentional on your broker's part, they are still very real to you. As a certified business litigation specialist and experienced trial lawyer, Mr. Perron can help you hold careless brokers accountable.

When you may be depending on your investments to support yourself or family in retirement, it can be devastating to have your resources consumed by bad investments. Contact attorney Andre Perron today for knowledgeable advice about your options to recover your money.

Experienced Bradenton/Sarasota Attorney for Broker Fraud and Misrepresentation

Brokers need to maintain ongoing relationships with their clients to ensure that investment choices are both appropriate and advantageous for the investor given his or her financial situation. Unfortunately, however, some brokers are just too busy or too inexperienced - or too greedy - to take the time necessary to properly research investments or to build a mutually profitable relationship with their clients. Many of our clients have lost money due to the misrepresentation or mismanagement of investments such as:

•  Investments based on mortgage-backed securities
•  High-risk securities such as derivatives or futures trading
•  Junk bonds
•  Long-term annuities if you are an older investor or retiree
•  A-share mutual funds, broker-sold annuities or variable life insurance, which pay upfront commissions
    to your broker who may then stop managing your assets appropriately

As an experienced Bradenton/Sarasota lawyer handling broker misconduct and fraud issues, Andre Perron will help you take legal action to recover your financial losses from negligent brokers and brokerage firms. Working with a team of financial securities experts, all of whom have a proven track record, he will protect your rights throughout negotiation, arbitration or in court, if necessary.

Learn more about common investment scams and commonly used tactics scammers utilize to defraud investors.

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